West University Lodge No. 1292 AF&AM (Ancient Free and Accepted Masons)


December 2022 - We are mostly returned to normal activities during the ongoing pandemic. Facemasks and social distancing are often suggested at all times while inside our building.

Brethren and Visitors,

Be ye all of one mind; live in peace, and may the God of love and peace delight to dwell with and bless you. Amen.


J. Nisnisan,

Worshipful Master 2022-2023


We are a lodge of Free Masons chartered on December 02, 1948. We are not a hotel, motel, hostel, care center, or other lodging place. We are not a religion or a church.  More information about Free Masons is widely available on the Internet and you might be interested in http://www.masonic-lodges.com/freemasons.html  The website of our Grand Lodge is at http:/grandlodgeoftexas.org/ with petitions available near the bottom of the homepage.

The main principles of Freemasonry insist that each member show tolerance, respect and kindness in his actions toward others; practices charity and care for the community as a whole; and strives to achieve high moral standards in his own personal life.

Interestingly, one myth that developed through the years was that you had to be invited to become a Freemason; this theory persisted for a long time. In fact, the man interested in Masonry has to make the initial inquiry to start the process to becoming a member.


Our physical & mailing address:

West University Lodge #1292 AF&AM

6125 Edloe Street

West University Place TX USA 77005-2817


June 2021 - We are mostly returned to normal during the pandemic. Facemasks and social distancing are suggested at all times while inside our building.


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Upcoming events -

Stated Meeting the evening of 2nd Tuesday each month. Fellowship the other Tuesday evenings. Both are preceded by a meal at 6:30pm on Tuesday evenings.


Lodge Telephone: 01.713.668.7891 only answered Tuesday evenings, but otherwise our voicemail system is regularly accessed remotely at other times.


Email - wu1292.org/img/inquiry.png"


Masonic Service District 30-A, in Harris County, Texas, USA


 An end of life planning guide is available here as http://wu1292.org/finalplans.pdf (left click to open or right click to save)

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